Soyka Restaurant | About
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A lifetime of culinary pursuits is evident in Soyka’s kitchen, resulting in beautiful, flavorful and unpretentious food.


Come experience the harmony of delightful dishes served in a comfortably casual, rustic atmosphere, and made chic with elements of modern industrial design. Our romantic outdoor seating is the perfect setting for special evening; while the ambiance inside is soulful or spicy, with live artists performing regularly.


We’re always cooking up new ideas, so be sure to follow us on Facebook or come in again soon to see what’s new from the kitchen!


Elena Golubeva | General Manager

Born in Kazakhstan, growing up in Russia, Elena studied linguistics at Moscow State University where she took the opportunity to travel to the states, Delaware, to study English. After studying for three months, she decided to stay for a year and continue to perfect the language and explore the culture of America. Venturing to Miami three years later and falling in love with the city, Elena moved to our humble abode searching for a job. She initially and humorously applied to Soyka Restaurant with the nostalgic thought that it was a Russian restaurant, hence the Soyka name, meaning blue jay in Russian. Once she got the job in 2006, she never left and has developed from server, to manager, to General Manager and to this day creating Soyka to be what it is and always will be forever.

The Kitchen

Executive | Chef Pedro Lopez

Born in Lima, Peru, Chef Pedro Lopez commenced his culinary career at the age of sixteen. Lopez quickly dove into the culinary industry, taking his first job as prep cook at South Beach’s News Cafe, the largest volume restaurant in his hometown of Miami Beach, FL. It is at News Cafe where he cultivated the basic kitchen knowledge that built his foundation for his culinary creativity. Two years later, while starting culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in North Miami, FL, Lopez took an intern position at the Loews Hotel in Miami Beach, FL. Under the command of Marc Ehrler, a Master Chef of France, Lopez had to immerse himself into a strict French culinary brigade. Initially a challenge, it later proved to be an asset, for as an observer of the kitchen Lopez took note of the keen attention to detail and precision that the culinary team cooked with. Every technique, from handling fine ingredients to properly filleting a fish, aided Lopez in developing a further appreciation for his craft. Seven years later Lopez took on the huge responsibility of becoming Chef de Cuisine of FRESH Restaurant at Miami Beach’s world renowned Fontainebleau Hotel, where he served up to 3,000 people daily and participated in various events such as the Food & Wine Festival, Winter Music Conference, I Heart Radio functions and much more. However, after exhausting several years in the massive volume hotel industry and seeing his passion for the art now come into question, Lopez decided to move forward by surprisingly taking a few steps back. Ran by Top Chef Winner Jeremy Ford, Lopez took the position of lead line cook at the Matador Room in the Edition Hotel in Miami Beach, FL. It is here that Lopez regained his passion for cooking, recalling all the reasons why he immersed himself into the career in the first place. After enduring the strict regimen of Jean Georges’ training under Jeremy Ford’s direction, his newfound knowledge and experience has ultimately reshaped his young chef mind. Currently, here at Soyka, Chef Pedro oversees the entirety of the kitchen operation and continues to inspire, teach and create our Soyka Restaurant Family!